Grace Spencer is (born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an artist based in New Jersey. She graduated the School of Visual Arts with her BFA in Photography and Video. Her medium is digital photography and video work focused on gender and feminism.

Her assignment work investigates social injustices around the world from a strong female perspective. The work has taken her to Thailand and Africa, where equality between genders is still a problem. Through the organization, Remember Nhu, whose sole purpose is to prevent childhood sex slavery, she helps them craft a visual narrative to explain why prevention is such an important part of the sex trade industry. With over 1 million kids sold globally each year, Spencer works to help get the message to the masses through her photos and video. She is a proud aunty to the kids she has helped globally.

In her personal portfolio, Spencer looks at themes of domesticity and her own identity. She focuses on the endurance of the female body to perform in the home environment looing at women’s role in the home.

Spencer’s work was apart of the Raw 2018 (AC), SVA Mentor Show (NYC), Personal Problems and Underlying Things (NYC), Catalysts in Morning Dew (NYC), Draft (Rochester), Becoming Shades (NYC), and BETSY!’s Photo Exhibit (NYC) and published in Photographer’s Forum, Visual Opinion, The Peach Diaries, and her books The Saved Ones and Beautiful Catastrophe. Her client list includes Mission TwentyFive35,Remember Nhu, Princeton Alliance Church, and Shiseido. She also is the recipient of the Lou Draper Award and the Chairman’s Merit Scholarship.
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